Technical facility management

Leave your concerns about the technical elements of the building to us. With a comprehensive approach, we ensure the sustainability and safety of the use of the building throughout its lifespan.

The service includes:

Designing, procurement, construction

The care of more complex interventions is carried out entirely with the supervision of engineers of the respective professions, who successfully complete each project.

Repairs, service, inspection

Frequent inspections, periodic services and prompt repairs ensure a continuous level of usability of the elements.

Defects management

Systematic management of all defects on the object through specialized software, as well as the implementation of their elimination, ensures adequate response to each defect.

Total Service Management

Take care of all external services necessary for the proper functioning of the building.

Energy management

Optimization of dissipation and rationalization of energy and energy consumption and achievement of possible savings.

Harmful substances management

Technical and legal care of all harmful substances at the facility is carried out through a meticulous technical and administrative approach.

Superintendent's services

Third-party interventions are monitored with our assistance, ensuring that all activities are properly accessed.

Technical Documentation Management

Taking care of technical documentation is a prerequisite for a high level of real estate care services.

Inspections and Tests Required by Law

Conducting all necessary legal examinations on the object in question, obtaining all necessary certificates, as well as representing the owner of the object before the state inspection services.


The success of each project
largely depends on
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