Operating in sectors:

Commercial buildings

Maintaining office buildings is no longer just a matter of reducing costs. The focus has become customer satisfaction, increased sense of comfort, the possibility of ultra-responsive services and smart buildings. We have adapted our services to the aforementioned market requirements.

Shopping malls

Service quality and customer satisfaction are two relative but distinct concepts, and this is by most expressed in shopping mall industry. Beside usual services, infrastructure management, ambience management and traffic management are only some of essential focuses on service delivery.


Quantity and distribution of the sales network, speed of reaction, understanding of customer needs, as well as numerous other requirements, are what are the challenges in this sector. We offer a partnership approach to maintaining a network of stores with the aim of establishing quality communication that will result in the satisfaction of all participants.


In the retail industry, facilitiy management is focused on keeping customer-facing areas on a high level. Maintaining store appearance, reducing operational risks, increasing efficiency and managing costs are our main focuses.


There is a stark difference between managing facility services of an office and that of a manufacturing setup or a factory. Layout of the setup, understaning the nature of manufacturing, security issues involved and compliance issues are only some of the reasons why industry facility management is a different game. We understand that and we know how to handle it.


We offer to hospitals a chance to reduce costs and to increase quality, process sequences, employee motivation and customer satisfaction. We offering an integrated innovative approach to operating, maintaining, improving and adapting the buildings and infrastructure of an health organisation in order to create an environment that strongly supports the primary objectives of that organisation.

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