Infrastructural facility management

Infrastructural facility management encompasses the provision of all other building services. We ensure that building operations remain smooth and problem-free, and we improve the usage of buildings with our operational support services.

The service includes:

Cleaning services

The cleanliness of the building is one of the basic requirements of all occupants of the building, and therefore we always give high priority to this topic.


We cooperate with the subcontractors to protect the facility in accordance with the requirements of the owners and users, with emphasis on engagements of other nature.

Telephone & Reception service, Info desk

When visiting a building, the building gives a first look, but the reception gives a first smile, so the reception and infodesk are one of the most important elements from the point of view of the users and visitors of the building.

Waste management

The organization of waste disposal, as well as hygiene related to the above, is completely under our care.

Gardening services, Winter services

The exterior of the building largely depends on the appearance of the green spaces and the snow removal condition, so we take care that these aspects are always at an enviable level.

Fire marshal services

If required by the legislative framework, we organize a continuous presence of firefighters at the facility.

Relocation services

For all users of the building, we organize internal and other relocations, which make the stressful moments as easy as possible.

Internal postal service

The receipt and delivery of mail for all users of the building is carried out in consultation with the owners of the building.

Pest control

Disinfection, disinsection and pest control measures are implemented with minimal disruption to the occupants of the building.


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